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For further information on Blackwell Publishing, visit our website at www. The critical reader begins to wonder if some strange naming taboo attaches to the terms that a linguist uses, whereby when he dies they must be buried with him. Dwight Bolinger, Aspects of Language, p. What is needed, I said then, is a comprehensive lexicographical survey, on historical principles, of twentieth-century terminology in linguistics and phonetics.

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And I continued, in that and the subsequent four prefaces, in the following way. We could use the techniques, well established, which have provided dictionaries of excellence, such as the Oxford English Dictionary.

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The painstaking scrutiny of texts from a range of contexts, the recording of new words and senses on slips, and the systematic correlation of these as a preliminary to representing patterns of usage: such steps are routine for major surveys of general vocabulary and could as readily be applied for a specialized vocabulary, such as the present undertaking. I am aware of several attempts to work along these lines, in Canada, Great Britain, Japan and the United States, sometimes by individuals, some- times by committees.

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All seem to have foundered, presumably for a mixture of organizational and financial reasons. I tried to initiate such a project myself, twice, but failed both times, for the same reasons.

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Reviews "This is the standard, modestly priced, single-volume reference work for its esoteric fields. Essential stock in all libraries, at all levels; an invaluable text book for teacher and student; and another huge achievement for its distinguished progenitor! He is the author of several benchmark reference volumes, including The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Language and The Stories of English Free Access.

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Email or Customer ID. Do you refer to a particular null copula as gapped or elliptical? This dictionary should be your first stop for understanding such terminology. Very useful! Jul 28, Mohamed Zayed rated it it was amazing Shelves: linguistics , academic. This is what I call a "nest egg".

A Dictionary Of Linguistics and Phonetics Sixth Edition

Whenever I need to consult about a linguistic term; this is my shelter. Oct 30, Gofita rated it liked it Recommends it for: Newby Linguistic majors or really big language geeks.

Shelves: language. The definitions were easy to understand. Though, I will admit to not having read through a whole dictionary reference book, just what I did read through for my needs I liked.

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A Dictionary Of Linguistics and Phonetics Sixth Edition

Dec 22, Omar rated it it was amazing. This dictionary is so useful. The outstanding linguist, David Crystal, always makes me taste and benefit from every book he writes. I totally aggree with those who say: "This dictionary is the bible of linguistic lovers. Feb 02, Rikki Chadwick rated it liked it. U svrhe fakulteta U svrhe rada na fakultetu Florian rated it liked it Oct 22, Cecilia Dunbar Hernandez rated it it was amazing Oct 04, Herman Schmitz rated it liked it Apr 19, ChristinaJL rated it really liked it Jan 23, Christopher Redmond rated it it was amazing Dec 25, Michael Moran rated it really liked it Jan 17, Andrea rated it it was amazing Dec 30, Olivia rated it really liked it Aug 10, Beatriz rated it it was amazing Jun 04, Dfisher rated it liked it Jul 19, Mimi Prado Marin rated it it was amazing Mar 12, Sean Ridgeway rated it it was amazing May 23, Abdullah Shaghi rated it liked it Feb 01, Maria rated it it was amazing May 10,