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He highlights the role of the Palestinian Yeshiva and its leaders in Jewish affairs, and shows the fullness of life experienced during a period of gradual economic, religious, and social transformation, and constant political change, that the population at large experienced in Palestine. Thorough scholarship notwithstanding, this book has two flaws.

The information is presented in sections ranging from short paragraphs to several pages in length. Thus, Gil provides a discontinuous narrative, made up of a series of short, self-contained essays about particular events and issues in the history of Palestine. The reader is therefore left with glimpses, images, and impressions with many gaps in between.

In effect, this incomplete history leads to judgements based on impressions, startling inconsistencies, and non sequiturs, such as when Gil states that, despite the slaughter, vandalism, economic hardship, uprooting of the population, terrible suffering, evictions, and wandering, the "communities evidently remained in their places, and only were finally uprooted during the Crusaders' conquest" p.

A History of Palestine, 634-1099 by Moshe Gil (1997, Paperback)

Furthermore, the ethnocentric approach of this study may have led the author to make claims which are polemical at best. The Muslim conquests, for example, are attributed to jihad holy struggle and to economic needs. There is no doubt that Islam played a major role in the conquests. Gil, however, defines this role by saying that Islam was "imbued with an ardor of an extreme and uncompromisingly fanatical nature" p. Prawer three groups settled this time in Jerusalem two of them were Jewish groups: the Jews from Morocco who fled to the East around 1 1 1 1 99, and the Jews from France - some three hundred families - who migrated in two groups in 1 2 1 0.

When Jerusalem was handed over to Frederick II in 1 anti-Jewish legislation of the Crusaders was reestablished and all Jews were prohibited again from living in the City J. Donald P.

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Little " Jerusalem under the Ayyubids and Mamluks" in K. Little "Jerusalem under the Ayyubids and Mamluks" , p. Asad Rustum, Mustalah al-Tarikh Beirut, 1 93 9 , pp.

Can the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict be Solved?

Moshe Gil added that the "language" o f i t and "its details appear authentic and reliable and in keeping with what is known of Jerusalem at that time. Philip Hitti, Tarikh al-Arab Beirut, 1 , part three, pp. Goitein "Jerusalem i n the Arab period: 6 3 8 - " , p.

A friend and former classmate pays tribute to the late scholar and author

For example, Haroun al-Rashid ordered in 1 9 1 AH that nonMuslims in areas near the Byzantine frontiers should have a different form of address from those of Muslims for security reasons. Karen Armstrong argues that "The societies that have lasted the longest in the holy city have, generally, been the ones that were prepared for some kind of tolerance and co-existence in the holy city"; and "the Muslims got their City back because the Crusaders became trapped in a dream of hatred and intolerance".

Karen Armstrong argues that "the Muslims had established a system that enabled Jews, Christians, and Muslims to live in Jerusalem together for the first time". Karen Armstrong argues that "on two occasions in the past, it was an Islamic conquest of Jerusalem that made it possible for Jews to return to their holy City. Umar and Saladin both invited Jews to settle in Jerusalem when they replaced Christian rulers there".

Journal of Islamicjerusalem Studies , 3 2 , Vancouver El-Awaisi A. Tam Metin. El-Awaisi, A.