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Historic activation of the Crime of Aggression

Courage is Contagious , by John Kasich Shortest Way Home , by Pete Buttigieg Becoming , by Michelle Obama Our Revolution , by Bernie Sanders Higher Loyalty , by James Comey Books by and about the presidential election. What Happened , by Hillary Clinton Set during a near-future war, Act of Aggression is, nonetheless, a throwback—to Act of War, the mid-noughties RTS series that it succeeds, and to old-school base-building strategy games in general.

If you've missed heavy tanks and noodly electric guitar soundtracks—welcome home.

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Resources are distributed randomly across notably expansive maps, adding a speculative scouting phase to the start of every match that shapes your overall strategy. During this phase you construct refineries and set up supply lines, with each faction offering a slightly different set of parameters for handling conveyance, base expansion, power generation, and so on.

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It's a lot to take in, but if you've lamented the absence of this kind of RTS over the last few years then it's a difficulty curve you'll enjoy surmounting. What follows is the drama of the match proper.

Act Of Aggression Reboot US Army Gameplay

An infantry battle might break out between garrisoned buildings for control of a bank which generates resources over time for the side that holds it. You might send a platoon of soldiers to capture downed enemy combatants for a bounty, or engage in a daring medivac mission to prevent the same from happening to your own troops.

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Tank columns roll through the countryside, helicopters clash in the air, jets soar in from off-map as each player approaches the point where they can deploy match-ending superweapons like nukes and long-range artillery. If you've played these types of games before you'll have an immediate sense of what units to expect and how they feel in combat: Act of Aggression doesn't offer anything particularly new in that regard, but there's pleasure in familiarity.

The campaign is a limp introduction to all of this, however. There are two sets of missions—one for Chimera, another for the Cartel—set in a homebrew Clancyverse that offers nothing you haven't seen in dozens of other modern warfare games. The writing and acting is poor and the game uses photography, news-report style visual effects and stock footage in place of cutscenes.

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  • The missions themselves follow an old, well-worn pattern. You start out ordering a gaggle of troops along a linear set of waypoints to learn the basics.

    The amount of freedom you're given increases with every mission until you start to approach full control. The issue is that, like in many older RTSes, your most dangerous foes are the scripted moments planned to occur as you hit checkpoints along the way. If you don't have the right force composition at these moments, you'll probably fail. This creates a frustrating trial-and-error dynamic where your first attempt is disproportionately hard because you don't know what's coming and your second is disproportionately easy because you do.

    I did hit a couple of problems when alt-tabbing, however, including the position of the mouse cursor falling out of sync with the game itself.

    Act of Aggression review

    The game is at its best when every player adheres to the same set of rules and all of its systems are in play at once. For this reason I found skirmish matches to be a more entertaining way to learn Act of Aggression than the campaign.

    Definition of the crime of aggression

    There are plenty of maps, varied options for AI difficulty and team composition, and lots of potential value in discovering all of these over time. After several hours of one-on-one skirmishes, I thought I'd try something more challenging—a four player free-for-all.