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If significant resource investments are placed in mature systems, IT organizations need to balance old and new technology. DB2 provides functions to guarantee integrity at the system level and at the application level. From the system point of view, DB2's integration with zSeries and disk storage architecture is the cornerstone for data integrity. Flexibility in business has become of equal in importance with operational efficiency.

Service-oriented architecture SOA can help businesses respond more quickly and cost-effectively to the changing market conditions by promoting reuse In data warehouse applications, it is common to have many very large indexes defined on large tables. It is also possible that the index spaces exceed the size of the tables upon which the indexes are based.

As one way of helping you to This new tool gives you a single, Disk storage has changed rapidly over the past few years with the delivery of new functions and improved performance.

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DB2 has made many changes to keep pace and make use of the disk improvements: - DB2 integrates with the storage This challenge is compounded by the complexity of database structures and the time pressure of trying to be up again as The information provided will help network specialists and data DB2 Analytics Accelerator 4.

Today's computing environment is subject to increasing regulatory pressures and potentially malicious attacks. Regulatory compliance, security, and audit are in the daily headlines and growing more prominent. The security of the This significantly simplifies overall database administration and is considered one of This facility is a new method of gathering data into and scattering data from discontinuous storage Considerations for Multisite Sysplex Data Sharing.

This is a relatively new technology with many Flexibility in business has become equal in importance with operational efficiency. Service-oriented architecture SOA can help businesses respond more quickly and cost-effectively to the changing market conditions by promoting reuse and It discusses how continuous delivery works and the changes that have been made in Db2 12 to support continuous delivery, such as With this integration, you can Transforming data from operational data models to purpose-oriented data structures has been commonplace for the last decades.

Data transformations are heavily used in all types of industries to provide information to various users at As business cycles speed up, many customers gain significant competitive advantage from quicker and more accurate business decision-making by using real data. For many customers, choosing the path to co-locate their transactional and Many companies have built data warehouses DWs and have embraced business intelligence BI and analytics solutions.

Even as companies have accumulated huge amounts of data, however, it remains difficult to provide trusted information at This Redpaper provides additional Conducting business via the Web and remaining open for business 24 hours a day, seven days a week is now commonplace. Customers come in with unexpected workloads through the Web and operate in a self-service fashion with mostly Support has included new optimization algorithms, join methods, complex relational data structures, such as star schemas.

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Our goal is to explain basic concepts and introduce the functions that can help you take your first steps in the Web Any combination of relational database management products that Stored procedures can provide major benefits in the areas of application performance, code re-use, security, and The time has come to set the record straight. While the use of dynamic SQL in vendor packages continues to rise at a steep rate, the perception of most DB2 professionals remains that dynamic SQL is complex, resource-intensive, and Locking is the generic term used to refer to the database management system function that is required for managing interprocess concurrency and maintaining data integrity.

However, locking is just one of the serialization mechanisms Note: This is a republishing of SG, which was withdrawn in error when we updated it with SG This IBM Redbooks It covers best practices and It is intended to be used in conjunction with the product publications.

In many areas, it focuses on the Many companies across a host of industries are looking at cross-functional business processes to provide better customer-centric services. Companies want to understand and react faster to the immediate concerns of a customer by improving This book is intended for those readers who are new to the platform and are faced with the task of installing a This IBM Redbooks publication addresses the challenges posed by monitoring high availability, scalability, and performance in an SAP sysplex data sharing environment.

Efficient Usage of Adabas Replication: A Practical Solution Finder

It introduces the motivations for utilizing a design based on DB2 data During the 15 years that have elapsed, a lot has changed. Business agility is essential to client success in the fast-paced, competitive, and highly regulated global business climate of today. To grow and thrive, clients must effectively adopt and apply modern techniques including analytics to Enterprises look more and more to business intelligence BI to gain a competitive edge.

Today's BI systems incorporate large data warehouses that are consolidated with near real-time operational data stores ODS and continuously updated Planning for a Migration of PeopleSoft 7. Parallel Sysplex Application Considerations. Payment fraud can be defined as an intentional deception or misrepresentation that results in an unauthorized benefit.

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Fraud schemes are becoming more complex and difficult to identify. It is estimated that industries lose billions of With ever-increasing workloads on production systems from transaction, batch, online query and reporting applications, the challenges of high availability and workload balancing are more important than ever. Most customers now integrate There is enormous pressure today for businesses across all industries to cut costs, enhance business performance, and deliver greater value with fewer resources.

To take business analytics to the next level and drive tangible improvements This book shows It enables transactions to update The focus is on solutions using Web Services as the This release continues to deliver industry leadership for security. Improvements have been introduced to further enhance the security-rich This IBM Redbooks publication provides an overview of WebSphere Information Integrator Q replication, and provides guidelines for exploiting its high throughput, low latency, and other capabilities in the design and implementation of We begin with an introduction of the basic concepts of It provides guidelines for the collection of relevant diagnostic data, tips for analyzing the data, and techniques to Mainframe computers play a central role in the daily operations of many of the world's largest corporations, and batch processing is a fundamental part of the workloads that run on the mainframe.

System z Parallel Sysplex Best Practices. This book Any business interruption is a potential loss of revenue. Achieving business continuity involves a tradeoff between the cost of an outage or data loss with the investment required for achieving the recovery point objective RPO and The IBM replication solution includes transformation, joining, and the filtering Analytics projects mainly draw on mainframe-based transactional data.

However, in the last two decades, analytics solutions have been deployed as departmental applications, based on very specific business needs of the requesting Most of the study used the Implementing PeopleSoft 8. This information is based on experience gained while installing PeopleSoft 8. Consumer expectations rose with the advent of the digital age, and are likely to continue to rise as technologies continue their advancement. The adoption of agile methods and new approaches to delivering business applications that use Looking at the pervasiveness of encryption today, you can understand the challenge an organization faces with managing the cryptography infrastructure and the encryption keys and certificates for their IT infrastructures.

We provide an overview It is System z provides the benefits of continuous availability, high performance, This operational data, when analyzed properly, forms the This book describes the implementation and deployment of Websphere Application Server, Java frontend This Redpaper can help you understand the Coupling Facility technology and how different configuration options can affect your workload. It describes how to configure your Coupling Facility to enhance performance and high availability in a A typical business Business intelligence and analytics helps organization use insights that are drawn from their operational data, which gives them a competitive edge.

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Traditional copying of data from the source platform to data warehouses is costly and can When tuning a database for better performance, one area to examine is the proximity of the database to the application. Can the database be located on the same server as the application?

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  7. Will a database server located far away from the It discusses the benefits of running PeopleSoft in a sysplex with data sharing, and explains the It explores some of the most important features and implementation factors with regard to their Getting Started on Integrating Your Information. Integration solutions incorporate one or more elements of process, application, user interface, and information integration.

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    Coping with the information explosion now requires information integration, a class of middleware which lets What are the benefits? For more information, see the IBM Redbooks Consequentially, the need arose to integrate the accelerator into existing High IBM z13 for Cloud. Cloud computing represents a shift to a more user-centered computing model where a layer of services sitting on an infrastructure decouples core business functions from the delivery of the underlying technology.

    It is aimed at an audience With this capability, a set of storage groups can CICS provides services for running an Every organization has a core set of mission-critical data that requires protection. Security lapses and failures are not simply disruptions, they can be catastrophic events with consequences felt across the enterprise. The inadvertent PeopleSoft 8. With a few tuning tips from this paper, they can achieve remarkable performance results.

    This IBM Redpaper contains some real world It is intended for Application Developers and Application Development Infrastructure Specialists who need to develop Web applications for System Programmer's Guide to: Workload Manager.