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Phase 5 Decodable Words - Letters and? Grammar Practice Book: Grade 4 Documents. Jack 1st Grade Photo Documents. Locally Decodable Codes -? Set book questions Grade 9 Unit 1 - book questions - grade Decodable… Documents. Hello Jack - Macmillan Jack. They are my coins. I found them. They are all mine! There were a bunch of men and they were mad. There is a man with the bag. He stole our coins! Get him! Those men are mad, he said. If they see us with the coins, we will be in a bad spot.

No, no, said the man next to him. If they see you, you will be in a bad spot. Those are not our coins. Those are your coins. You found them. They are all yours. But the straw in the box was not a bed. When the ox came home, he saw the straw in his food box. But he could not get to the straw becau se the dog was on top of it.

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I would like to munch on the straw in my food box. The dog woke up, but he would not get off the straw. He was mad that the ox woke him up. Bad dog! You did not need that straw, but you would not let the ox have it!

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Shame on you! Get up! The fox said, Those grapes look good. I will get them and make them my lunch. The fox stood up on his back legs, but he could not grab the grapes. The fox ran and made a big jump, but he still could not get the grapes. At last, the fox sat down on the ground.

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What a fool I am! I can tell that those grapes are sour. They would not have made a good lunch. A red fox ran up to the tree. Did they tell you? Tell me what? The law says that we must all be pals. Dogs are not to chase cats.

They must be pals. Cats are not to chase rats. Dog and cat, fox and hen, snake and rat must all be pals! So jump down here and let me hug you! But, all the same, I will sit up here a bit.

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Then the hen said, What s that I see? What is it?

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It looks like a pack of dogs, said the hen. Then I must get out of here! The law says that dog and fox must be pals. So you are safe! But the fox did not stop. He ran off.

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The hen just smiled. The crane said, I will. The crane came and sat down with the fox in his den.

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The fox was up to a trick. He gave the crane some food, but he gave it to him in a flat stone dish. The crane could not get the food becau se of the shape of his bill. The fox smiled at his trick. He ate up all of his food. The fox said, That would be good.