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There many other sites out there, but this is a good sampling of most of it. Since between the first three sites on the list you should be able to find links to everything else, this is a good jumping off point for you. Its publication history has made it difficult to track down serious material for it, though. Knowing which books to buy, and in which order to buy them, is not particularly easy.

Although I know some who have given up on this rich gaming environment because of these difficulties, I hope that this series of reviews will serve to guide you back into it. And for those of you who have not yet experienced this piece of gaming history, I hope to light a passion in it for you. For those of you reading this after it has been placed in the archive and interested in reading the series in sequence, the next review will be of the novel Man of Gold. Author : Professor M. The series ground to a halt after hitting the first two novels Man of Gold and Flamesong.

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The publication history related in this review is now incomplete, of course, but Empire of the Petal Throne unfortunately remains a blighted intellectual property. Barker himself died just over a year ago. For an explanation of where these reviews came from and why you can no longer find them at RPGNet, click here. As I posted last month , my mother died on February 4th, For several years before she passed, I was working closely with her to convert her extensive oeuvre to e-book formats.

She wanted very much to share the wonderful world of St.


If it looks like the sort of thing you might find interesting, please grab a copy. If not, take a couple seconds, see if you can think of any friends or family who might be interested in these books, and then send them a link. Witchcraft has come to the peaceful village near St. Frideswide, and its foul touch is striking down those closest to the church. Can Dame Frevisse thwart the servants of the devil before the hellfire of hysteria sears the souls of the faithful? Or is there more to this magic than meets the eye? Come back! Cisily Fisher has died in childbirth and now the village of Priors Byfield is held in a grip of fear.

Or will the village be lost in a hue and cry of terror? The gentling touch of the midwife may calm the tortured soul… or give birth to a bitter death. When Frevisse is given bishop-pardoned leave to visit her cousin Alice at Ewelme, she is enchanted by the work of the sculptor Simon Maye.

Clandestine meetings have given way to sinful lust, and now the two lovers have disappeared. The servants whisper that the lovers have eloped, and secretly pine for the passion to do the same. Lady Alice believes her sculptor has been stolen away by jealous rivals and rages at the injustice.

But Frevisse alone suspects there may be some darker truth behind the midnight vanishing…. And so we turn to St.


Imaginary, yes, but fully realized as an ordinary place much like many others common across England in both rural and urban settings by the s. A wealthy widow founded it in the s, saw to its beginning, and endowed it with lands and other income to sustain it — alas, not so fully as she intended to do before she died….

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Author PDF Edition. Bibliography December 20th, Thought of the Day — Hexcrawl in the Underdark September 19th, Site Update June 30th, Comments have been restored. You can also get a catalog with the following contact information: E-mail : CarlBrodt aol. Style : 4 Substance : 5 Author : Professor M. Maybe someday…. A wealthy widow founded it in the s, saw to its beginning, and endowed it with lands and other income to sustain it — alas, not so fully as she intended to do before she died… Kindle Edition.

DragonLancer Villager. I recommend the following: Draconomicon. Manual of the Planes. And if you like Psionics, pick up the Expanded Psionics Book - which is a vast improvement over prior editions psionic rules. Desdichado Adventurer.

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Well, I guess that really depends on your taste, but I can tell you what I like a lot. I don't expect that necessarily anyone else would agree with me, though: Unearthed Arcana : Tons of optional rules, many of them quite clever. As it turns out, a lot of the ones I am using were already in print somewhere else first, but it's still been a great purchase. When I first got it, I can remember flipping through it thinking of how the various options could impact my campaign s. Book of Fiends : I really like the themed aspect of this book, and despite it's narrow focus as a monster book of fiends I can think of a fairly wide variety of campaigns in which this book would get a lot of use.

Monsternomicon : My favorite monster book. Great art, great ideas, great text and great story hooks.

The Legend of the Fallen Kingdom 2 (Secret Portals!)

Iron Kingdoms Character Guide: Full Metal Fantasy Volume I: The first massive half of the Iron Kingdoms campaign setting; the second is due in a few months it was originally intended to be one book, but when it approached pages they decided to split it! It's relatively new, but the campaign has been around in the form of some modules and a few other publications for a few years now, and it's been hotly anticipated.

I've been reading it all weekend, and I'm thoroughly enjoying it; it's one of the best put-together campaign settings I've seen. It's been very well put together this time around, and the book is crawling with potential play hooks. Although it's not really my taste, I don't hesitate to recommend it.

Legends & Lairs: Mythic Races - Character Race Compendium (Dungeons & Dragons d20)

Manual of the Planes : For someone looking to play a really wild and woolly game with out there locations and stuff like that, you really can't beat this book. I really like the a la carte approach it takes; it's a very modular "do it yourself, but we'll show you how" approach. Oriental Adventures : This book is also quite modular and is brimming with cool ideas. Call of Cthulhu : Although it wasn't necessarily the intention, this game was the "make or break" game for d20; if it worked well, then I was going to be convinced that d20 was the last roleplaying system I'd ever need.

Somewhat to my surprise, and certainly to my delight, the book is absolutely freakin' brilliant. Fiend Folio : Probably the best monster book from Wizards of the Coast themselves. Especially used in conjunction with the Manual of the Planes , I can see how this might be an essential book to some campaigns. Belegbeth said:.

follow Ghostwind Villager. Torn Asunder: Critical Hits Bastion Press - Expands upon the existing critical hits rules system and adds an additional layer of potential wounding that puts a little more 'grit' back into combat. It also revises the healing skills and gives more meat to this skill to help counter the effects of critical wounds from the first part of the book.

Monsternomicon Privateer Press - One of the best monster books on the market today. I use this book and the Warcraft: Manual of Monsters another recommended buy as much if not more than the Monster Manual itself. What else can be said? It makes an excellent companion to Wotc's Manual of the Planes.

Wildscape Fantasy Flight Games - Another book in the same line that gives DMs the tools for generating environmentally based encounters. Spellbound Living Imagination - This is the best ritual magic system I have found that I really like. It makes ritual magic the rare thing it should be by requiring the presence of a hard to find substance which can be the basis for many adventures.

I like the variant sorcerer and new prestige classes because of the original flavor they posses. The rules are extensive and the options well thought out and designed.